ufcfn94_postUFC Fight Night 94: Dustin Poirier versus Michael Johnson was a super exciting event with a lot of finishes both by strikes and by submissions. Two matches stood out with two different BJJ submission conclusions.

The first one was Chas Skelly versus Maximo Blanco. If you guys don’t know who Chas Skelly is, this fight will make you a fan. It was his first main card fight and Chas did not disappoint. The fight lasted an entire 19 seconds. Even though this is a jiu jitsu blog, you can’t deny the entertainment factor of Chas came out with a flying front kick to the chest. Check this out!


Blanco falls to the canvas and proceeds to grab a leg and a scramble ensues. Quickly, Chas grabs ahold of Blanco’s neck attempting an arm-in guillotine.


However, Chas was too slick and swiftly converted the failed guillotine to an anaconda choke with his long arms. Blanco tries to defend by throwing his back to the ground which is a typical defense for darce or anaconda chokes. It was here that Chas squeezed for dear life. The choke was in too deep and neither fighter was sweaty. The friction made defending almost impossible and Blanco goes to sleep.


Chas earns FOTN honors for this beautiful submission. And the beauty of jiu jitsu here is that you got to see a spectacular fight and neither fighter needed to get hurt.

The second finish is by Randy Brown, a UFC newbie that only has one fight in the Octagon under his belt. At the beginning of the third, his opponent, Erick Montano shoots in for a single leg takedown with his head centered directly on Brown’s chest. Brown quickly sinks in a front naked choke, falls back, and traps Montano’s legs. Montano is then forced to tap.


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UFC Fight Night: Dustin Poirier vs Michael Johnson

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