In a highly anticipated fight card, UFC 211 was an eventful show. Stipe and Joanna both retain their belts in the heavyweight and strawweight divisions respectively. But those bouts were mostly striking exchanges. When talking about grappling inside the UFC, Demian Maia most be mentioned. In his bout against Jorge Masvidal, it was the classic striker versus grappler matchup. It was an interesting fight indeed. Let’s take a look at what happened.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Demian Maia wants to take your back and choke you out. That is exactly what he set out to do in the first round with a relentless chain of takedown attempts that eventually led him to coil around Masvidal’s back. Here’s a nice single leg/trip that Maia performs to advance to Jorge’s back.

What is even more interesting is how Demian got to that position. It was not from a traditional single leg shot. Instead Demian would shoot for a double where Jorge would obviously anticipate and sprawl. Demian would fight for an underhook and then pull half guard! Then, he would proceed to a deep half, get a good hold on Jorge’s leg, and stand up with it. Now, he has the single leg and then fights to takedown the striker.

This is certainly an interesting strategy Demian takes to get a hold on Jorge. Demian Maia ends up winning with a split decision and earns himself a title shot.

The other fight that displayed exciting grappling and BJJ exchanges was Jason Knight versus Chas Skelly. This fight proved to be an exciting one both on the feet and on the ground. Jason Knight was able to showcase some of his dangerous jiu jitsu off his back. First, Knight utilized his rubble guard very well to neutralize and even advance position when taken down.

Here, Knight uses the gogoplata position threaten the submission, transitioning to an omoplata and uses it to sweep and come on top.

Jason’s crafty jiu jitsu also leads him to the crucifix position later on in the fight, attacks Skelly with kimura attempts, and uses single leg takedowns and almost takes Chas’s back before ending the round. Jason Knight is a promising prospect in the 145 pound division and displays some brilliant Brazilian jiu jitsu. Knight wins the fight by TKO.

What do you guys think of Demian’s unorthodox yet pure BJJ strategy? What about Jason Knight’s ground game? Share your thoughts in eh comments below!

UFC 211 BJJ Highlights and Breakdown

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