In an exciting and controversial night of fights (Mousasi vs Weidman) this past weekend, DC successfully defended his light heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson with a rear naked choke victory. The bout was mostly Rumble trying to out wrestle Cormier pinning him against the cage without doing much damage. However, DC was able to take Rumble down with this nice single leg/trip and take the back.

After that, DC proceeds to patiently work the choke from the back and ultimately finishes Rumble in the second round.


In a strawweight fight between two female fighters, Cynthia Calvillo displayed an excellent ground game with good scrambles and creativity. Check out this gif  where Pearl tries to take Cynthia down with a single leg but Cynthia was able to scramble to Pearl’s back.

After being shaken off the back a bit, Cynthia beautifully transitions into a triangle and attempts to finish the choke but the round ends.

All in all, it was an exciting fight with good grappling exchanges. Cynthia Calvillo wins by rear naked choke.

These highlights would not be complete without Charles Oliveira, a crafty BJJ practitioner that has many submission finishes to his name. The fight starts off with some striking exchanges and Charles manages to close the distance and land a trip takedown.

He continues to dominate and impose his will with grappling. Check out this nasty takedown into a quick back take.

From this standing back mount, Oliveira sinks in the rear naked and finishes the fight in the first round.


In a night of rear naked choke finishes, which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


UFC 210 Highlights

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