The “Lockdown”

If you guys missed UFC 200’s Cormier versus Silva, you didn’t really miss much. DC basically took Silva down repeatedly and smothered him while attempting weak ground and pound.

Amid the boos from the crowd though, some interesting BJJ can be gleaned. I’m talking about Anderson Silva’s “lockdown” position. The lockdown position was made popular by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu’s Eddie Bravo, and it’s like a modified half guard in which the person applying the lockdown has both legs interlacing the opponent’s leg as opposed to just a simple triangle.


It was interesting how DC couldn’t deal with Silva’s lockdown, it was plain obvious that Silva had planned this. He knew he was going to be taken down, but he didn’t want to get passed.

The lockdown seemed to weaken a lot of DC’s punches since Silva would control DC’s leg and lift it up knocking him off balance. DC basically had no base to punch from when Silva did that.


Silva could have even hit the whip up with that lockdown. With a strong whip, he could have reaped Cormier’s knee or at least affected his MCL/ACL. Some people in BJJ will tap when their leg is extended in such a manner.

However, it didn’t look like Silva was trying to fight for the typical 10th Planet left side underhook anyway. He was using the lockdown more as a stalling position to try to ride out the ground and pound and possibly get the ref to stand them up.

The ground and pound still isn’t completely neutralized with just the lockdown as Silva would still need to keep DC from posturing up which he doesn’t do here.


And although Silva lost because DC basically laid on top for a few rounds, this is an interesting position to ponder if you are getting pummeled from the top, possibly as a way to stall in half guard, control your opponent, and maybe even sweep. This position is not commonly used in MMA but looks to have been rather effective being applied here.

What do you guys think about the lockdown position? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!


UFC 200: Cormier Versus Silva Mini Breakdown

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