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Analyze Your BJJ Game

The BJJ Analytics app is, hands down, the premier app that tracks your tournament performance and sparring matches. It allows you to input how you did in your tournament matches and calculates what your overall statistics like takedown percentage, submission percentage, average number of passes per game, etc.

Sync your stats with our server that houses a database of all practitioners’ stats and compare yourself with the entire BJJ community. This helps you analyze what you are good at and what you need to improve on.

bjjana app

bjjana app

Track Your Progress

It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill and jiu jitsu is no different. Utilize the BJJ Analytics app to track your mat time and to keep yourself motivated.

The Drills Rep tracker logs various drills that you are practicing and the total reps for each drill. The graphical interface shows what techniques you’ve been drilling the most and which ones you’ve been drilling the least so you can allocate your training accordingly.

Reach Your Goals

Trying to make weight? Use the weight tracker to save your weight history so you’ll know exactly where you stand come tournament time.

Save everything you learn into a list of techniques that includes takedowns, submissions, sweeps, passes, and more. This gives you a reference to go back to if you ever forget how to do that tricky berimbolo back take your instructor showed that one Wednesday class.

bjjana app