BJJ Analytics Community Statistics as of 8/06/2016

If you guys haven’t already tried the BJJ Analytics app, what are you waiting for?? It’s free! Check out the app here.The app was made to help you guys train harder, track your progress, and even compare yourself to the general jiu jitsu population…

This post does just that and details the statistics the app has gathered so far on the BJJ community. Currently, there are 20 data points indicating 20 people are actively using the app to track their training. A total of 114 people have downloaded it but the rest may be using it for the technique log or the drill rep tracker or weight tracker and those aspects of the app don’t return statistics.

Let’s take a look at the stats so far:





20 jiu jiterios

1.1 – Average number of tournament matches per person
4.4 – Average number of points scored in tournament matches
4.9 – Average number of total points allowed in tournament matches
5.7 – Average total hours spent training per week
37% – Average takedown percentage in tourney matches
23% – Average passing percentage in tourney matches
34% – Average sweep percentage in tourney matches
45% – Average submission percentage in tourney matches

7 – Max number of tournament matches someone has competed in
169.5 – Max number of total hours someone has trained since downloading BJJ Analytics App
14.8 – Max total hours trained per week

So, it seems like everyone is training about 6 hours a week (on average). At first, the tournament record for the population seems like a losing one with the average number of total points allowed being greater than the points scored. But, the submission percentage is almost 50%. That can be interpreted as some matches seem to be comeback wins. As a BJJ population of 20, the lowest percentage is passing at 23% completing almost 1 out of every 4 passing attempts.

Let’s train smarter, enter some more tournaments to improve these stats, and continue logging mat time. Cheers!

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BJJ Analytics App Stats

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