BJJ Analytics Community Statistics as of 10/06/2016

If you guys haven’t already tried the BJJ Analytics app, what are you waiting for?? It’s free! Check out the app here.

This post details the two month update on the BJJ Analytics app. You can check out the last and first (kinda an oxymoron) post that summarized the BJJ population statistics here. Since two months ago, users have been steadily growing with about 200 users having downloaded the app. There are now 31 data points indicating that 31 people are using the app to actively track their training, an increase of 55% since the last post! That makes me happy.  However, I can only assume the rest of the people are using the app for functions that don’t track statistics like the drills rep tracker or the sparring session tracker.

Let’s take a look at the stats at this point with some data visualization:





31 jiu jiterios

2.5 – Average number of tournament matches per person (a change of +1.4 from last time)

6.4 – Average number of points scored in tournament matches (a change of +2.0)

6.5 – Average number of total points allowed in tournament matches (a change of +1.6)

4.0 – Average total hours spent training per week (a change of -1.7)

24% – Average takedown percentage in tourney matches (a change of -13%)

28% – Average passing percentage in tourney matches (a change of +4%)

32% – Average sweep percentage in tourney matches (a change of -2%)

51% – Average submission percentage in tourney matches (a change of +6%)


Less meaningful numbers, but interesting nonetheless:

7 – Max number of tournament matches someone has competed in

210 – Max number of total hours someone has trained since downloading BJJ Analytics App

23 – Max total hours trained per week

Note: The data presented relating to tournaments are averaged only with respect to people that have competed. Those numbers do not take into account people that haven’t competed.

Are you in the top 10% percentile? What can you do to improve your statistics?

If you find the app useful to you in any way, I highly encourage you to share it with your BJJ buddies, give it an honest review, and continue to log your stats. Even though this blog serves only to give the app limited exposure, I’m striving to spread the word about BJJ Analytics. If you genuinely think the app is not as pragmatic as I chalk it up to be and have suggestions for changes, I’m open to criticism as well.

As for the creating a BJJ community that collectively betters its individuals, please like our Facebook group. If you have an article you would like to submit, please email us at Cheers guys! Oss.

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